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Globally, more than 50% of the population lives in urban areas, and by 2045, this is estimated to increase by 1.5 times, to 6 billion. This unrivaled explosion in urbanization requires a paradigm shift from the current flow-through, linear phenomenon of resource inputs, processing, and its associated waste to a more cyclical structure that reduces resource consumption and waste production simultaneously.

Urban circularity, however, cannot exist without first achieving a sustainable water cycle, where residents have continuous access to safe clean water within the boundaries of their city. Via MNR technology, Biopolus has created a modular, expandable water treatment system for complex circular urban water treatment and management. By means of advanced metabolic engineering, energy, organic materials, and minerals can be derived from organic waste through biosolid fractionation. These solutions, along with optional space for community functions and urban food production are integrated and housed in the Biopolus BioMakery.


We are TECHNOLOGY PROVIDERS, serving clients through local partners and providing support throughout the project lifecycle. Our activities include:

1: FEASIBILITY: Concept Design
2: DESIGN: Process Design, Basic Mechanical & Electrical Design, Control & Instrumentation, Architectural Concept
3: CONSTRUCTION: Specialized Equipment (biofilm carriers, control & instrumentation, etc.)
4: STARTUP: Commissioning
5: OPERATION: Remote Supervision, Technology Support

The Metabolic Network Reactor (MNR) technology is Biopolus’ patented 3rd generation Integrated Fixed-film Activated Sludge (IFAS) water treatment technology. 

The underlying principle behind the MNR technology is a well-known natural phenomenon, where microbial biofilm develops on the roots of aquatic plants. The technology is characterized by a large quantity of biomass that is attached to submerged „carriers” – either to the natural root system of specially selected plants, or to artificial roots, developed by Biopolus, for this specific purpose.


Biological wastewater treatment is a common treatment method, that uses different types of microorganisms to treat and purify polluted water. In creating the Metabolic Network Reactor (MNR), Biopolus has optimized this natural phenomenon, and through smart design, developed a technology to maximize the efficiency of microorganisms to degrade organic waste.

The full treatment process takes place in an array of MNR reactors. This separation makes it possible to fine-tune the environmental conditions in each section, allowing for the development of separate, specialized ecologies to mature in the different tanks. As the water flows from reactor to reactor, it is continually cleaned, as various species break down the different contaminants. The path and volumetric distribution of wastewater between the reactors is controlled by process management software and can dynamically adapt to the changing loads, thereby optimizing the process.

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