"Superior Engineering Solutions and Equipment for WATER & ENVIRONMENT"

Green Journey Environment Company is one of the leading environmentaltechnology companies. We have been consulting and providing the most effective,economical and sustainable environment treatment method to investors. Up to now, we made hundreds of projects to serve people, organizations, domestic and foreign companies. Green Journey Environment Company specializes in designing, constructing and managing environmental projects of all production and service fields, specially the extra pure water treatment system for pharmaceutical application.

The company has grown up to be one of the professional Distributor of Environmental Equipments in Vietnam market. We continue to expand by providing customers with the best equipment and unmatched service. We are proud to be an authorized distributor for many famous brands of Environmental Equipments throughout Vietnam.

With the experienced and enthusiastic engineer team together with an active and excellent sales and marketing team, we offer an unsurpassed package of productsand services. Simply put, our organization offers the "Best Value for Your Money" for equipment, service and full system.

If you're looking to build a wastewater treatment or pure water treatment system or purchase Equipment for your system, we have the best available products, solutions and services to meet your needs. With long time experience in the industry, we can offer expert advice on maximizing revenue or reducing labor expense, and provide you with the most cost-efficient products available for your needs.

Our company represents the leading manufacturers in the industry. We currently supply many brands of equipment and parts, making us the most diversified organization in the industry. Some of the many manufacturers that we representinclude the following brands: KOCH, Stohr, BIOPOLUS, IXOM, KOReD, Plasma Air, Supratec, Mapro, Cospet, Redor, TORO, MU Company, ACL, Riels, Atlantic, SITA UV, Detectronic, Aerator Solutions, ECD, Snowpure, Smart Storm…

With many years of experiences and our slogan: SOLUTION AND SERVICE always FULL, FAST, FLEXIBILITY & FEASIBILITY”. We are always satisfy our customers by the best solution and services. Green Journey is now strongly developing in the local market as the best Environmental Equipment Supplier with many successfully projects.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more information about our products and Services. Completely, Green Journey meet your strict requirements of your company in the fastest time.

We look forward to serving customers!

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