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Markets and Applications

Offering a wide range of membrane products and product confgurations is a key to KMS' position as a leading fltration solution provider to the process separations market. The KMS line of membrane products plays a vital role in the markets we serve - Food, Beverage, Dairy, Life Sciences and General Industrial. We offer state of the art, high-quality solutions that meet both performance and regulatory standards for each market and application. KMS is uniquely qualifed to serve these markets. Our scientists and engineers have gained knowledge and experience from decades-long relationships with the industry, helping clients improve their processes and operations. Our engineers are well-versed in application-specifc separation and fltration challenges in the sanitary, as well as the industrial market segments.

From producing haze-free juice and wine while ensuring excellent color and aroma passage using our tubular and hollow fber modules, through treating electrocoat paint with our “zero bypass” advanced spiral products, increasing protein yield in dairy operations using our high productivity dairy spirals, or using our extreme pH tolerant spirals to recover caustic, KMS offers the process separations market the complete, highest quality and most economical membrane solutions for every application.

Hollow fiber cartridges are used in applications with a moderate level of suspended solids. The fiber lumen (inner diameter) can be adjusted to increase the suspended solids tolerance of the cartridge. While larger diameter fibers provide flexibility of processing high solids fluids, this also results in reduction of membrane area per cartridge and membrane packing density. The hollow fiber confguration has a unique structure, allowing operation under permeate back-pressure and back-flushing. As a result, flux and rejection during production and cleaning steps are more easily controlled. KMS offers a variety of UF and MF hollow fiber products to handle a wide range of process applications. The matrix of hollow fiber products offered by KMS demonstrates a wide range of pore and cartridge sizes, providing flexibility to handle small, as well as large feed volumes.

Spiral wound elements are used in applications that have relatively low suspended solids; however, the solids tolerance of spiral wound products can be expanded using different thickness or geometry of feed spacer. Spiral wound elements offer the highest membrane area packing density and most economical solution of all confgurations. Spiral wound element systems have a small footprint that can handle a wide range of feed volumes and materials. This membrane confguration can utilize the complete range of membrane pore size (RO, NF, UF and MF). The specifc membrane selection is made based on the required separation properties.

Tubular modules are used in applications that require handling extreme levels of suspended solids. With the use of tubular modules, up to 90% concentration of suspended solids can be achieved. As a result of the high suspended solids tolerance, tubular modules have more moderate membrane areas; however, larger size modules have been developed to compensate for this and to accommodate large feed volumes. KMS offers tight UF and tight MF/loose UF membrane pore sizes. These products are offered in ½” and 1” membrane diameters to handle a wide range of process applications.