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Công ty Môi Trường Hành Trình Xanh
"Cung cấp GP kỹ thuật tốt nhất cho ngành Nước & Môi Trường"
Add: Số 46 - Đường số 52 - P.10 - Q.6 - Tp.HCM
Tel: 028. 350 11 997 - Hotline: 0972.799.995 


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ACL s.r.l


ACL S.r.l. is manufacturing a wide range of solenoid valves in different versions since 1987.
Being focused on the satisfaction of customers’ needs, ACL is available to deal with all kind of requests concerning both standard and special products.
ACL’s expertise is testified by the large number of customers worldwide, which are acting in all the industrial fields where the control of fluid is necessary.


The high quality of the raw materials used, the precision of the parts, the hard tests carried out during manufacturing  process and final testing, together with the large monthly quantity of valves produced are a guarantee of reliability.


ACL’s valves are employed in a large variety of industrial sectors: water treatment, electrical appliances, industrial process, heating and air-conditioning, medical equipment, automotive, textile, food, pneumatic and many others.
A worldwide sales network allows ACL to be present in the solenoid valve markets of the most important Countries.